New Install or Upgrade


PyGamma is a Python-wrapped version of GAMMA. It combines the power of the GAMMA library with the convenience of working in the Python programming language. Python is open source, object-oriented, and considerably easier to write than C++.

PyGamma works with Python 3.7. We no longer support Python 2.7 officially (but may create distributions anyway until we can't any longer).

The PyGamma wrapper was created using SWIG. Most, but not all of GAMMA is available to Python through PyGamma.

We have are some tips on exploring and using PyGamma.

The performance of PyGamma for compute-intense calculations is very comparable to that of GAMMA.

Installation Requirements

You must have pip installed to get PyGAMMA.

If pip isn't installed, get it via the the instructions here:

We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version of pip before installing pygamma.

To upgrade pip, use this command:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

New PyGAMMA Install

As of version 4.3.3, PyGamma is installable via pip, Python's preferred installer program. To install PyGamma, use this command:

pip install pygamma

PyGAMMA Upgrade

To upgrade PyGamma, use this command:

pip install --upgrade pygamma