GAMMA Contributors

Scott A. Smith and Tilo Levante created GAMMA with support from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, FL.

B.H. Meier and R.R. Ernst (ETH Zurich) provided initial guidance on this project.

Jiawen (Kevin) Chen, Mikolai Fajer, and Dr. Khaled Khairy (funded in part by the NHMFL REU summer internship program) created the first version of PyGAMMA with Boost. Drs. Khairy, Scott A. Smith, and Peter Fajer were overseers of the PyGAMMA/Boost project.

Scott Smith rewrote PyGAMMA for the changeover to GCC 3.x using Boost.Python 2.x.

Matthias Ernst provided many enhancements including the BLAS/LAPACK implementation, tests, and documentation.

David Todd, Philip Semanchuk and Brian J Soher updated code to work with GCC 4.x. David integrated two GAMMA libraries and created an entirely new PyGAMMA with SWIG.

Philip built PyGAMMA libraries and wrote the Python installation routines.

Philip and David's work was guided by Dr. Brian Soher at Duke University and Dr. Karl Young from UCSF thanks to NIH grant 1R01EB008387-01A1.